Real Nuevo Club de Golf de San Seba2

San Sebastian Basozábal Golf Club

Address: Basozábal Camino de Goyaz Txiki 41, E-20014 San Sebastian, Guipúzcoa, Spain
City: Guipuzcoa Northern Spain
Region: San Sebastian
Country: Spain: Northern Spain/

Please note that preferred times and dates are subject to availability. Every effort will be made to book your chosen times and courses but occasionally at busy times we may have to offer alternatives.

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San Sebastian Basozadal is an 18 hole golf course par 72 just under 6500m.The holes 1 to 9 belong to the second phase , appreciating its very pronounced holdings fairway undeleted greens and difficult.
The holes 10 to 18 belong to the first stage of construction with several  open fairway. very long and greens.
This varied configuration causes a diversity of situations that all kinds of players can enjoy . The construction system of the fairways that incorporate a layer of more than 15 cm. of sand and the careful drainage system make it possible to play all year round regardless of weather conditions.
Visitors are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate from player’s home club is required.
Handicap limit: 36