Meis Golf Club

Address: Silván de Armenteira - 36192 Meis - PONTEVEDRA
Region: Galicia Northern Spain
Country: Spain: Northern Spain/

Please note that preferred times and dates are subject to availability. Every effort will be made to book your chosen times and courses but occasionally at busy times we may have to offer alternatives.

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Meis golf is an 18 hole golf course par 72 just under 6300m.The Meis golf course is a natural course in a Galician pine forest , with wide fairways "lies", "dog-legs", lakes and natural obstacles, within a peaceful mountain setting with great views of the estuaries of Arousa and Pontevedra and located just 10 minutes from the capital of the province.

The technical values ??of the field (73.4 white bars, 72.5 yellow bars, 75.5 blue bars, 74.3 red bars), balanced pair and slope (132 white bars, 130 yellow bars, 135 blue bars, 133 bars red), show that it is a competitive field for all levels

Visitors are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate may be required.