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El Rompido Golf Club (North Course)

Address: Carretera Cartaya - El Rompido, Km 7 El Rompido 21459 Cartaya Huelva (Spain)
City: Cartaya Huelva Andalusia
Region: Huelva
Country: Spain: Northern Spain/

Please note that preferred times and dates are subject to availability. Every effort will be made to book your chosen times and courses but occasionally at busy times we may have to offer alternatives.

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 El Rompido golf club North course is an 18 hole golf course par 72 just under 6000m.Opened in June 2006, the north course, according to the Peugeot Guide to Europe’s Top 1000 Golf Courses, is a monument to modern golf, intelligent and entertaining.
The North Course is considered modern because it combines power with precision; intelligent because it makes you think about your shots; and entertaining because its medium-sized greens will entertain both the most low handicap player and those with the highest handicaps.
The course blends into the beauty of its natural surroundings and requires no stroke that could be deemed unreasonable.

Visitors are welcome every day.
Advance booking is essential.
A valid handicap certificate from player’s home club is required.
Handicap limit: men 28, women 36